At Richboro Ritz Pet Resort, we have a private area dedicated for our feline guests, to ensure a tranquil relaxing environment. Daily house-keeping services keep our guests rooms clean with fresh bedding, water, and litter. All cats are provided special cozy beds for their snuggling comfort.

Our luxury CAT CONDOS have optional window views available, so your cat can be entertained by watching the birds and the bugs or can choose to spend the day basking in the sun.

Our spacious CAT SUITES are lavishly furnished with cat trees for climbing, perching, and scratching. A skylight overhead fills the cat suites with natural sunlight. Live MOUSE TV is included in all suites, providing a unique form of entertainment that our feline guests find infinitely fascinating!

CAT CONDO $20 $23 $10-12
CAT SUITE $25 $30 $12-15


Our feline guests dine twice daily. The menu includes premium dry Science Diet and assorted canned foods.WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU BRING YOUR CAT'S OWN FOOD, since sudden diet changes can cause diarrhea.


  • Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
  • Rabies

All vaccinations must be given at least 14 days prior to your pet's arrival date.


TLC session: Our one-on-one kitty pampering sessions are customized to include any (or all) of the activities and affection that your cat purr-sonally enjoys! $10

  • Quiet Lap Time and Cuddling
  • Brushing
  • Interactive Activity Toy (fishing pole, laser light, etc)
  • Full-body Massage

Nature Walk: The adventurous cat can take an exciting ride in our enclosed kitty stroller for a close-up view of our scenic grounds and a breath of fresh air! $10

Scratching Rack: Sprinkled with catnip, your cat will enjoy this activity for the duration of his visit. And your cat can take it home upon departure for his continued long-term enjoyment! $10

Cat Toy: A variety of cat toys (including catnip toys, jingle balls, fur mice, krinkle balls, etc.) are available in our reception area. Your cat can enjoy them during their stay and take them home upon departure! $1+

Tuck-in Service: Let your kitty wind down the day with some gentle stroking from a caring staff member and a bedtime snack (such as tartar control treats or home-made cat cookies). $5

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We will be ceasing operations effective July 31, 2020 due to COVID-19. Thank you to everyone over the past ten years for your support and trust. We will miss you. Sincerely, Pete & Wendi Marciano