At the Richboro Ritz Pet Resort, your pet’s well-being is our primary concern. When your dog is escorted outdoors, he is always on a leash, in addition to being tethered directly to a conscientious staff member. We have state-of-the-art fire and sprinkler systems. We maintain a flea-free environment. If fleas are found on a pet upon arrival, a dose of a topical flea treatment will be administered at the owner’s expense.
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Pets can check-in anytime during our hours.
  • Check-outs after 12 noon will be charged for a half day.
  • If your dog is ending his visit with a bath, check-out time is extended until 5 pm as a courtesy.

We will be closed for check-in/check-out the following days:
New Year’s Day, January 1
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day (Monday)
July 4
Labor Day (Monday)
Thanksgiving Day (Thursday)
Christmas Eve, December 24 (AM hours only)
Christmas Day, December 25
New Year’s Eve, December 31 (AM hours only)

A veterinarian lives on the premises and is available for 24-hour, on-call emergency care for our guests, providing additional peace of mind.
In the event that your pet becomes ill during his or her stay, you will be contacted directly. If you are not available, your emergency contact and veterinarian will be called. If it is feasible, your pet may be transported directly to your vet for appropriate care. Alternatively, we would bring your pet to Animal Hospital of Richboro, which is nearby. For after hours emergency care, we go to the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (VSEC) in Levittown.
If your pet requires medications during his stay, please be sure to mark directions clearly. Oral or injectable medications can be administered. Special provisions may be required for pets with medical conditions, sutures, bandages, splints, or ‘in heat’. Dogs or cats that are pregnant are not permitted.
  • A $50 deposit per pet is required for all reservations. This is applied to the final bill at check-out.
  • We require 5 days notice in advance of the scheduled arrival date during peak times (3 days notice during off-peak times) to accommodate another request from our waiting list.
  • If appropriate cancellation notice is given, the entire deposit can be credited to a future reservation or your deposit can be refunded (minus a $5 processing fee).
  • You do not have a confirmed reservation until your deposit is received.
  • You may bring your pet’s favorite toy, at your own risk.  Be sure to label it with your pet’s name and your last name. Bedding and bowls are unnecessary since they are provided.
  • We accept any breed of dog; however, if the individual dog is aggressive or difficult, there may be an additional fee. If the dog is too dangerous, he will not be invited back.
  • We do not feed raw diets. It is unsafe for your pet and the food handlers.
Peak dates coincide with local school district vacations, summer, and all major holidays.
April 7 to April 18, 2017
May 26 to September 11, 2017
November 17, 2017 to January 8, 2018